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Page speed optimization and WP Engine hosting goes hand in hand. One would be incomplete without the other. Even applying best of the efforts on page speed optimization may turn out to be completely fruitless, without having a powerful hosting service such as WP Engine acting at its backbone. Similarly, only having the best hosting services, without tweaking the configurations behind achieving full page speed optimization would be of no use.

A WordPress site hosted on a super host dedicated provider, tweaked for speed by an expert can only bring the best to the owners and web administrators in terms of high ranking on Google search results page. is one such example; site powered by WP Engine, Page Speed Optimized by Mark de Scande and the page speed results accessible by everyone, including Google.

Changing Face of SEO from the Eyes of Google

The recent search engine update from Google – HummingBird has changed the rules of SEO industry. Google has finally replaced their old search engine by incorporating new and latest technologies in a quest to offer more relevant and quality content to the seekers of information. A very important aspect considered by Google is to track the social media presence of a company and its related social media involvement, along with the online activities conducted by businesses operating over the Internet.

Social Media Marketing, also known as SMM is nothing new but the way Google has focussed on it, it is creating a new wave of interactive marketing channel by optimum utilization of social media marketing services.

Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing – Talk of the Town

Facebook, Twitter, YouTube Videos, Instagram, Pinterest, Google +, StumbleUpon, Soundcloud and Vimeo are some of the brands fueling the Internet Businesses of today. Now, these tools are going to take a lead role behind offering top search engine rankings.

All these social media services are aimed at engaging users, sharing the content with each other.

Now, more relevance is on sharing, viewing and liking the content as strong signals captured by Google to evaluate the relevancy and importance of the content getting published over the Internet. was launched with an objective to offer the power of social media marketing services to benefit businesses at large. Now, the businesses houses are required to actively engage the digital users in an effort to get high rankings on Google SERP.

Fake Followers List & Bots are Suicidal for a Website

Several companies have mushroomed over the Internet by offering their services about increasing social media activities at cheap prices.

Are these companies using fake or automated users/followers ! Are these followers generated automatically by bots to fool the algorithms ! It is important to get answers for these questions before getting trapped in wrong hands.

We all need to understand that quality is quite an expensive attribute, although it equates its worth in term of returns achieved over a period of time.

Google has evolved over time and has learned to differentiate between the real genuine activities against the fake activities performed by machines.

It is sad, but the fake followers aren’t doing any good to the sites; the sites which are only desirous of ranking higher in Google. In fact, Google may even penalize them by either ranking these sites lower or completely de-indexing such sites, which are found to have huge, but fake followers list.

Real Social Media Engagement by Buy Followers has launched a real plan to ensure that no machines or bots are used to undertake any social media activity for increasing the social activities. Moreover, all the followers are real humans as there is no place for fake followers, who are responsible for spoiling the reputation of sites. Everything provided by seems to be real, thus generating real results in real time. After all, Google is responsible for directing most of the organic traffic to innumerable sites hosted over the Internet.

Another important point considered by Google is the time taken to load a webpage because everyone has a right to enjoy fast Internet and fast page loading time. All of us are aware that more than 80% of the websites hosted around the world are using WordPress CMS. A question pops up – Are these hosting services themselves optimized to offer the best configurations to run WordPress at full throttle!

WP Engine Hosting Dedicated to WordPress Sites

WP Engine

It is a big question and most of the site owners and website administrators seem to take a back foot on the subject matter. They don’t realize that the hosting services are as important as the quality content and the social media engagement.

WordPress is special and so it needs special treatment too.

The Directors of understood the need of the hour and selected WP Engine to host their site developed on WordPress.

WP Engine is a dedicated hosting service provider, fully optimized and dedicated for the development and hosting of WordPress sites.

The expert technical team at WP Engine are knowledgeable and understand the requirements of WordPress websites.

Cache Plugins vs WP Engine Built-in Features

One of the most common solutions used by most of the WordPress administrators is the application of cache plugins in an effort to speed up their sites. Using plugins isn’t bad as it is one of the best parts behind using WordPress CMS, but we tend to forget that the plugin in itself is a small piece of code and requires resources for its own execution. Moreover, these plugins are developed by third party developers and we have no option to check the authenticity and/or efficiency of its coding. Above all, these cache plugins are limited up to a certain extent while pumping the power of page speed into the pages of websites.

WP Engine takes an entirely different approach towards caching and speeding WordPress sites. Cache Plugins are written in a way so as to create a layer over and above the basic WordPress installation, while WP Engine has incorporated the caching structure in the root layer of WordPress installation.

Page Speed Optimization

WP Engine Hosting Doesn’t Needs Cache Plugins

Codes working at the root installation is much more powerful in terms of efficiency as compared to the codes working at an extra layer set up on top of the basic root level installation of WordPress. It is a very simple but most important approach practiced by WP Engine, which makes them stand apart from all other hosting providers across the world in terms of WordPress hosting services.

It is sad, but none of the other hosting service providers have come up with a specialized hosting approach based on dedicated CMS service or any other platform.

All the hosting service providers have evolved a generalized common solution applicable to all the different platforms. It might be strange to know, but WP Engine is one of the best and most powerful hosting providers to offer a streamlined fast hosting services for sites developed in WordPress.

WP Engine and Page Speed Optimization

The latest updates from Google and even all their future upcoming updates tend to follow the same direction. Social Media Marketing strategy of a company and the power to run their websites at blazing fast speed is the key behind getting a higher position on Google search engine results page.

Page speed optimization, or better to say website optimization is of utmost importance to any business house.

A business wants to stay active in today’s dynamic and turbulent environment enveloping the online world of Internet.

Focusing only on one single aspect, while leaving the others could have devastating effects on sites organic traffic coming from Google.

Future of Google SEO & Page Speed Optimization have been pioneer in harnessing the power of the new strategy adopted by Google while coding their search engines. The site is powered by WP Engine and speed optimized by Mark de Scande. is fully equipped to help companies achieve top position on Google search engine results page. A true businessman doesn’t looks at cheap cost cutting procedures, rather believes in making intelligent investments so as to get high rate of return on their investments.

Buying a fast and specialized hosting plan from WP Engine and getting the site optimized for speed by a speed optimizer and re-energizer like Mark de Scande is a sure shot success formula running behind many successful businesses over the Internet.


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