WordPress is Changing the Face of Web and Blogging

WordPress is one of the Best CMS on the Internet

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Internet is one of the most significant milestones in the development of mankind, after the invention of computers and several other related IT technologies.

Internet has entirely simplified everything for us, but have you ever pondered how much this has affected us as individuals and the way we connect to each other?

I think of Internet as one of the most powerful tools about establishing a means of communication with the rest of the world – countless possibilities to explore, limited only by your imagination.

An invaluable resource of knowledge, information and culture, a priceless portal through which you can get in touch with people and their ideas, but also a means to discover yourself.

WordPress as a CMS has made it easy for anyone and everyone to design and manage professional looking websites. You don’t need to be a coder, you don’t need to know all the complex technical stuff and you don’t need to spend hours behind writing technical codes. WordPress is easy and simple even for non-technical people because they can devote their time and efforts towards the development of content rather than coding on their website.

The World of Blogging Evolved with WordPress

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One of the biggest trends that took over the Internet in the past few years is blogging – an online portal to your thoughts, opinions and whatever discussion topic crosses your mind. It became one of the best means towards the dissemination of knowledge and information.

Readers of the blogs are equipped to comment as well as express their opinions and school of thoughts about their topic. Blogs are generally used to publish posts and these posts become a point of discussion and debate for many.

This trend is extremely beneficial for people worldwide, since they can expose their ideas and share it with the rest of the world; anyone can raise their voice and create content to engage interested people from different parts of the world. Blogging became an effective channel for anyone and everyone to express their initiative and ideas to change the face of not only the web, but the face of the world as a whole.

Although, the idea of blogging originated from the need of keeping a personal online diary. Today, almost each and every company as well as organisation rely on the power of blogs to talk about their products and news to the public.

Now, blogging has become an industry, a big industry. Today, it offers innumerable advantages not only about sharing ideas, but also as one of the tools to power most of the businesses operating over Internet.

The Magic of WordPress

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Today, one of the most popular and widely used tool associated with the notion of blogging is termed as WordPress.

It is a highly complex, but efficient system oriented on content management. The best part lies in its user friendly behaviour for people. It offers an incredible amount of customizable tools such as templates, plug-ins and widgets not only to personalize a blog, but also a website. It helps users to let their ideas easily promoted to the public’s attention. It is assumed that more than 80% websites across the world are hosted and managed using WordPress CMS.

WordPress is an open source CMS, another and one of the most important feature of WordPress. It simply means that this CMS is completely free of cost for everyone. You can download the associated files and enjoy all the services and features absolutely free.

Moreover, you can extend all the existing tools and develop new and refreshing ideas as per your creativity. It won’t be a misnomer to say that Sky is the only limit with WordPress developers. It is entirely customizable in terms of appearance as well as functionality.

BlogLines for Bloggers

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Communication has always been important, it is important today and it will remain important and necessary forever. Communication has been one of the basic factors behind the evolution of humans. Can you think about human evolution, if they had not been able to share their ideas and thoughts with each other. We want to listen, we want to speak and we want to share our thoughts with each other.

I took advantage of the popularity of blogs and the power of WordPress and created one of the largest free blogging websites in South Africa – bloglines.co.za.

Our clients include trivial bloggers as well as important companies. They benefit from our free services by creating WordPress blogs and websites. I run the website with my wife Charissa and offer all the required support to our customers.

I also gain from the help of my good friends working at WPMU DEV, whenever there is a need to improve any of the existing facilities.

After countless hours of hard work and dedication, bloglines  now creates roughly 100 new sites per day, summing up to no less than 75,000 satisfied users.

I keep in touch with my clients at the Bloglines website through many social network systems; we managed to create a reliable network of people, who recommend me to other clients and friends, increasing the size of active users of Bloglines community by every passing day.

Bloglines is a growing community, touching new heights of popularity everyday, We all know that content is king, thus all the information presented through the inherited websites is vital to the credibility that I promote to the readers.

For this simple and basic reason, I ensure that all my posts are of highest quality and interesting to each and every member of the community. Posts related to all the associated blogs rank high in relevancy and most of them got listed on the very first page of most of the popular search engines, including Google.

Get Inspired and Start your Own Blog on WordPress

Today, more and more people are turning towards blogging and creating their own sites because they have something to share with the world, they want to raise their opinions in front of the world.

I dedicate most of my time to my Bloglines website. I offer them all the necessary tools so that they can leave a virtual fingerprint as a mark of their individual identity. I want every single person on this earth to share their thoughts with the rest of Internet users all across the world.

Do you want to help us widen our community and make your voice heard!

Visit www.bloglines.co.za and become a part of this exciting WordPress adventure!

If you would like to speed up your server then you can contact me at UpWork.

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