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Mark de Scande – Synonym for WordPress Site Speed Optimization

Mark de Scande - Site Speed Optimization ExpertThe name of Mark de Scande has emerged as a synonym to WordPress site speed optimization. He does not believes only in optimizing websites to enhance its speed, rather he believes in taking all the required extra steps to re-energise WordPress websites hosted on any type of web host infrastructure.

It does not matters to him whether your site is running on dedicated host or on an inexpensive shared host web server. Mark is dedicated to improve site load speed. He believes that ideally a website having a page size of 1 MB must load in less than 1 second. His site speed optimization follows the same philosophy and he does his best to speed up any WordPress website.

Mark de Scande is a proud South African based in Port Elizabeth. Port Elizabeth is one of the most beautiful and largest cities in South Africa situated in the Eastern Cape Province.

Mark de Scande’s Story – WordPress Site Speed Optimization

Mark has come a long way from the point where he had started years back. His story is quite interesting as well as quite motivating. Mark achieved many of his life objectives inspite of the hindrances which stood between him and his success. He believes that nothing can stop you if you have made up your mind to succeed in life. Make up your will, work hard and dedicate yourself honestly to your work.

Founder – Bloglines South Africa

Bloglines South AfricaMark de Scande launched his first successful online venture www.bloglines.co.za on 28th September 2008. When asked about the reason behind launching Bloglines, he laughs and says, “I wanted to make money from Google Adsense.” Mark de Scande is the founder and owner of Bloglines South Africa – one of the largest free blogging platforms based in South Africa. Mark along with his wife Charissa de Scande (Lotter) work together to run and manage bloglines.co.za.

Both Mark and Charissa liaison with new bloggers to develop their large community of websites. Mark also helps site owners to speed up their WordPress sites as well as to manage their websites.

Online Business is Not Easy

Online Business site speed optimizationPrior to starting his online business, he started his professional career in car audio trade and used to fit sound system in vehicles. “During that period,” says Mark, “I managed to land a couple of agencies and jumped at the chance to sell car audio online.”

His knowledge and experience in the car audio industry motivated him to start a business of selling car audio online. Unluckily, due to his simple nature and also due to the lack of online selling experience, Mark de Scande got hit by a scam and got taken for 30K South African Rands.

It was a major setback for him but it did not stopped him from looking ahead to the promise of a better life. Rather than regretting for his losses, he took the setback as a learning experience and got much wiser by gaining more wisdom than ever before in his life.

How Mark de Scande Got into WordPress ?

WordpressMark de Scande started playing with WordPress. He learned and experimented a lot with WordPress to understand the entire WordPress system in its entirety. Once he got a little confident with WordPress CMS, he started selling paintball equipments online.

Mark also opened a physical shop in Port Elizabeth but closed it down after running it for around 3 years. By that time, the idea of Bloglines South Africa was conceived in his mind and he launched it after closing down his physical shop in Port Elizabeth. It was the day and Mark never looked back at his life ever again.

How Mark de Scande got into WordPress Site Speed Optimization ?

WordPress Site Speed OptimizationWordPress became his playing field and it did not took him long to realise that his core expertise was not in selling paintball equipments or depending on Adsense revenue. By then, he was well equipped with rich technical skills to manage entire WordPress site as a whole. He started working on his clients’ WordPress sites as a server admin for fixing codes and speeding up their websites to be super fast.

Quite soon, Mark de Scande emerged as a WordPress site speed optimization expert by covering different horizons under his umbrella to speed up WordPress sites. He has worked on several sites hosted on WP Engine, iPage, Bluehost, WP Engine, Storm on Demand, Liquidweb and GoDaddy, just to name a few. He also set and configured MaxCDN on his site to exploit the power of content delivery networks for speeding up websites. Mark never leaves anything for chance.

Mark de Scande Covers the Complete Spectrum of WordPress CMS

WordPress SpectrumTill date, Mark de Scande has successfully improved site load speed for more than 100 sites and many more sites are getting added to his site speed portfolio every single day. His technical proficiency lies in managing the entire spectrum of WordPress, although his core expertise lies in speeding up WordPress sites. He is also actively managing around 100 websites as a Webmaster in order to increase the sites’ visibility in Google and other search engines.

He has also built many websites from scratch and made it to reach on top of Google SERP. He not only works at the plugin level or does not only configures different WordPress cache plugins. Mark gets into the core of WordPress and does everything that is needed to speed up WordPress sites.

Some Achievements of Mark de Scande

WPMU DEV MemberMark de Scande has gone through many ups and downs in his life, but he never let his ethics fade away even under the worst circumstances. He knows the value of business and revenue. Mark is always ready to help people in the best possible ways under the given circumstances.

As a proof of his excellent support services and helping attitude, he even earned free lifetime membership of WPMU DEV. You can read his full interview published at WPMU DEV. WPMU DEV is all about WordPress. You think of any WordPress plugin and WordPress theme for multisite as well as Buddypress, they have it ready with them. WPMU DEV team also offers exceptional support services with the help of their WordPress experts team.

Initially, Mark de Scande used some plugins from WPMU DEV and also helped other users by interacting and solving their queries actively on the support forum. Considering his exceptional technical support to the group, he was awarded lifetime membership of WPMU DEV.

Mark de Scande Offers Exceptional Client Support

During the last couple of years, Mark de Scande has developed a wide range of WordPress websites by implementing WordPress MU, WordPress Multisite and Multi-DB setup. Exceptional Client SupportToday, he is a master of WordPress site speed optimization. Irrespective of whether your site is hosted on an inexpensive shared hosting plan or on a dedicated host, Mark de Scande promises to increase the site load speed as well as page load speed along with decreasing the site load time as well as page load time. No site ever says NO to Mark de Scande whenever he gets his hand on it to speed up. His testimonial speaks louder than his words.

With a smile, Mark says, “I build sites which work. When I enter certain keywords and see my clients’ websites popping up on top of Google, I know that I have helped someone to create something positive. It is a kind of satisfaction that can never be explained in words. I have helped them strengthen their business revenue resources even for the future. ”

Site Speed Optimization Case Studies by Mark de Scande

site speed optimization case studiesMark believes in an entire transparent system in his working as well as believes in dissemination of knowledge for the benefit of one and all. With this objective of sharing his site speed optimization knowledge, he started blogging about his site speed optimization methods. He develops detailed site speed optimization case studies based on his work and posts it on his website so that it can be accessed by other site speed optimizers absolutely free of cost.

You can learn and earn by implementing his site speed optimization tips and tricks for WordPress sites. Knowledge improves when shared and Mark has never lagged behind in holding his WordPress site speed optimization knowledge only to himself.

Site Speed Optimization Consultancy by Mark de Scande

site speed optimization consultancyMark de Scande offers professional site speed optimization consultancy to commercial business houses but at the same time he also offers free speed optimization consultancy for non-commercial projects. He considers it as a part of his social responsibility. He believes in doing something good for the society. After all, the society has given so much to us that it becomes our moral responsibility to return the favour in the best possible ways.

His site speed optimization services can be hired either by contacting him via UpWork or writing an email directly to him at [email protected]. Be assured to experience your site faster than ever before. Better site load speed also helps to improve site SEO as well as Pagerank of sites. The latest Google search algorithm update Panda 4.0 has also made it clear that site speed is one of the important ranking factors to help a website strengthen its position on Google SERP.


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