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Website Optimization For Blazing Fast Running Websites

website optimization for WordPressWordPress Website optimization purports different meaning to different people, but for WordPress site speed optimization wiz – Mark de Scande, speeding up WordPress websites is a passion. He never compromises on anything less than the best, whether it is related to his own site or the sites of his clients. His own website www.markdescande was running at blazing fast speed, but Mark de Scande knew that it could be made faster.

Mark de Scande always asks himself – how fast is fast  and in a quest to find the answer against his own question, he keeps on continuously looking around to find better speed optimization techniques and better site speed optimization methods to enhance the site loading speed of WordPress websites. Mark de Scande keeps on experimenting by tweaking his site so that he can offer his client’s the highest loading speed and lowest page load time.

How to Optimize Website Hosted on WP Engine ?

Mark de Scande believes that a great web host is the foundation behind all the fast running websites. First of all, he shifted his website to a great host like WP Engine and then he started working on his website to increase its speed further. He used Autoptimize, a great plugin coded by Super Star Frank Goosens to speed up his website.

WP Engine – The Foundation Behind Fast Loading Websites

WP Engine is the clear winner for hosting WordPress sites. It is the only dedicated host designed for running WordPress sites at incredible fast speed. Much of the tweaking required to speed up WordPress sites has already been implemented at WP Engine’s server end.

Most of the site owners and webmasters do not use any cache plugins on WP Engine, but Mark de Scande knew that using an appropriate cache plugin could change the definition of FAST for many webmasters and site owners. He tried and tested many cache plugins on his website hosted on WP Engine in order to enhance the site speed and finally settled down with Autoptimize.

Autoptimize by Frank Goosens For WP Engine Website Optimization

Autoptimize plugin is written by Frank Goosens to make website optimization as simple and easy for end users as possible. Most of the WordPress website optimization tasks are pre-programmed so that the end users are free from making any complex configuration settings. Autoptimize can be easily installed on any WordPress website. Once installed, it can be easily activated to achieve great site speed caching features that works automatically to speed up WordPress websites.

Concatenation of styles and scripts, minification and compression of codes, adding appropriate expires headers, transferring style code to page head, transferring scripts to footer and caching it all is automatically done by this great plugin Autoptimize. All the caching and minification of HTML code is performed in a way such that the page size can be decreased because the lesser is the page size, faster is the site load speed.

Advanced users can get into the detailed advanced configuration options of Autoptimize to customise the settings further for speeding up their WordPress websites. Mark de Scande did the same and used the advanced configuration module of Autoptimize to speed up his website hosted on WP Engine.

Let us have a look at some of the website optimization speed tests performed at his site after making the necessary configuration changes in Autoptimize advanced options.

Website Optimization GTmetrix Speed Test Report

Website optimization GTmetrix speed test report

Page Speed Grade gone up to 95%, YSlow Grade shot at 90%, Total page size gone down to 345 kB and Page load time achieved a value as low as 0.83 second (not even a second). Almost all the website optimization speed factors are green (most of the values are either 100 or very close to 100).

Website Optimization Pingdom Tools Speed Test Report

Website optimization speed test report at Pingdom Tools

Perf. grade shot at 97/100, Page size reduced to 361.6 kB, Load time is only 377 ms and above all – Your website is faster than 98% of all tested websites. A great website optimization speed test report that proves the speed optimization expertise of Mark de Scande – site speed optimization wiz.

Website Optimization Webpagetest Speed Report

Website optimization speed test report at Webpagetest

A clear winner report showing the expertise of Mark de Scande in changing the definition of fast WordPress websites. All the website optimization speed factors are green and A. Page load time is 1.447 s for first view and only 0.738 s for repeat view.


The above website optimization reports are one of the best wordpress site speed optimization reports done by Mark de Scande. The website speed optimization credit for this website goes to the great host WP Engine and Frank Goosens’ great plugin Autoptimize, although the skills and expertise of Mark de Scande not to be forgotten. Beat this – How FAST is Fast !

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    WP Villa03-30-2019

    Hey Mark,

    No doubt, autoptimize is one of the best Plugin for site speed.
    We have covered a tutorial on how to get the most out of it with this plugin.



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