Testimonials About Mark de Scande

A Dynamic and Live Gallery Announcing Mark de Scande's Expertise & Experience Related to Wordpress Site Speed.
Some of His Esteemed Clients Talk About their Satisfaction & Experience in their Own Words.

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don’t take my word on it, but read what my satisfied clients have to say about me!

Fantastic experience and extremely thorough work and reporting. I would definitely work with Mark again.Christine Wilsonwww.mindfulhealthylife.com

Director at Go Pavers

Did exactly what he said he would. Our site’s speed improved significantly and he cleaned up a lot of messy code.Peter Spinowww.gopavers.com

Director at The Health Sciences Academy
Very pleased. Huge improvement on my site!! Very supportive.
Really enjoyed working with Mark.Maurice CastelijnThe Health Sciences Academy

Director at Bexi Ventures LLC
Excellent work and extremely quick turn-around. Mark completed my project over a weekend with very short notice.

Ben Joneswww.longtiestore.com

Director at Anchor Wave Internet Solutions
Mark, we were really struggling with this site speed issue. You totally saved us and I’m grateful for your help. Thank so much. The site is WAY faster and you worked so quickly to get this done. Thanks thanks thanks!!!
Mike SchmidtMadaras Gallery

Director at Positive Real Estate
Mark always comes through with the goods. His communication and documentation of his work is excellent. He is always our first port of call when we’re faced with a difficult problem.David Benadrettiwww.positiverealestate.com.au

Great job, Thank you so much for your great efforts and fast communications.Yaqoub Almarshadwww.i-phony.com

Director at Duffel Media LLC

Mark was very helpful. He kept great good notes and documentation. Definitely helped speed up my site. Prior to doing anything, he did extensive speed testing and made sure he had a baseline, as well as conducted backups. He worked in a number of areas, and kept notes on everything he did. At the end, he made a full comparison from the baseline to present and the speed was much improved. Great worker, and would definitely re-hire.Paul Szoldrawww.duffelblog.com

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