Site Speed Optimization –

1GTmetrix –

Page Speed Grade: (79%) C
YSlow Grade: (86%) B

Page load time: 3.57s
Total page size: 1.29 MB
Total number of requests: 60

GTmetrix Speed Test Result

2Pingdom –

Page size 1.4 MB (My rule of thumb is 1 Mb = 1sec load time so the site is doing well at 292ms)
Load time 825 ms
Requests 74
Perf. grade 94/100
Your website is faster than 92% of all tested websites

Pingdom Speed Test Result

3Webpagetest –

First View (Run 1) 2.833s (So a first time user has to wait 3 sec for the site to load 1 to 3 sec is always good)
Repeat View (Run 3) 1.386s (Returning Users will have to wait 1 sec for the page to load)

A First Byte Time
A Keep-alive Enabled
A Compress Transfer
F Compress Images
A Cache static content
yes Effective use of CDN
Web Page Performance Test for
From: Dulles, VA – Firefox – Cable 11/27/2014, 4:10:28 PM

WebPagetest Website Speed Test

Website Speed Optimization Portfolio Details
Website –
Web Host Server – WP Engine
Site Speed Optimizer – +Mark de Scande
Editor – Charissa Lotter