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Tweaking www.MarkdeScande.com

Auto-generated 9 29 2013 11 11 37 PM - Load Impact - On Demand Website Load Testing and Performance Testing Service

Ref https://www.markdescande.com/cache-plugins-wordpress-site-speed/

1) Pingdom Website Speed Test


Tested from Dallas, Texas, USA on September 30 at 11:58:05
Page size 471.2kB
Load time 855ms
Requests 44
Perf. grade 82/100
Your website is faster than 92% of all tested websites

2) Latest Performance Report


A 94% / B 85%
Page load time: 1.50s
Total page size: 425KB
Total number of requests: 42

3) Web Page Performance Test


A First Byte Time
A Keep-alive Enabled
A Compress Transfer
A Compress Images
B Cache static content

4) Load test your website online

Host is running well http://wpmu-hosting.org/mark

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Mark de Scande
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Website Speed Optimization Portfolio Details
Website – www.markdescande.com
Web Host Server – AECNU WMPU
Site Speed Optimizer – +Mark de Scande
Editor – +Charissa de Scande