Only Buying Gym Equipment is not Enough for a Healthy Life

Buying Gym Equipment isn’t Enough to Get a Toned Body

Buying Gym Equipment

Prologue of A Success Story

Only buying gym equipment isn’t going to give you that imaginary toned body.

It a bitter truth but if you are serious about yourself and your health objectives then your success story starts by the acceptance of this bitter truth.

You may have all the money to buy the most expensive set of gym equipments, but without having a holistic view about the factors responsible behind shaping a healthy body and intelligent brain, success would maintain a distance.

Brain and Body Together Makes A Healthy Personality

There is a scientific process and a creative set of skills in understanding the application as well as the direction behind using gym equipments. It not only affects your body, but also the brain. Unless and until you hone all your physical as well as mental skills in the same dimension, expecting a great healthy body would be nothing less than consoling ourselves with false promises.

It needs a holistic approach towards combining all the viewpoints regarding your body as well as brain to have a healthy successful life.

Unconscious Mind alt

Pushing the body ahead, while leaving back the brain fetches no result in long term. Remember, we have a conscious mind and a subconscious mind, although most of us are capable of controlling only our conscious mind.

We may not realize but the real power lies in our subconscious mind and unluckily it is tough to take hold of it. It has the power to do wonders and if you can take control of your subconscious mind, you could achieve anything that you desire in your life.

Gym equipment could be bought to control your body, but the training to control and direct your subconscious mind could only be learned from experts.

Buying gym equipment without knowing its features, applications and its effect on your body would be merely a waste of money.

Take a survey of the market and you could find a series of expensive as well as cheap gym equipments including treadmills, commercial equipments, spin trainers, cycles, elliptical trainers and many more. Do you know their purpose and their effect on human body! Most of us would answer NO. When you don’t know and understand anything about these gym equipments, then how can you decide what is good or bad for you!

Don’t make the mistake of buying a gym equipment only because it looks good, but ask the professionals, the gym trainers, health advisers or anyone around you, who has an understanding about these gym equipments. As you can’t use a sword to cut vegetables as that could be done only by an appropriate knife, similarly you can’t use any unknown gym equipment to structure your body.

Plan and Set Your Objectives

Planning is all about creating a detailed walk through for an everlasting experience in an effort to get the desired results. Positive and favourable results can never be achieved, without setting the right objectives in the right direction.

Whether you want to lose weight, gain powerful strength in your muscles or want to be a better business person, you must note down the list of your objectives before getting into any action. You must know the milestones that you want to achieve before starting your journey.

Develop Your Success Strategy

Success Strategy alt

It is a well known fact that 90% of people only think and dream; the thoughts and dreams that never gets transformed into real action. Thoughts remain only in their thoughts and thus they fall into the majority of 90% of people who keep only dreaming. The reason behind their failure is simple, they don’t do anything in real, but keep on only thinking in their mind.

Only 10% of people, who are capable of transforming their thought process into actions are able to join the success group. All of us develop our own winning strategy and you are no exception to it. You also need to develop your own winning strategy.

Develop your own success strategy by listing out your strengths and weaknesses. It helps you to push your strengthens for building positive energy, while reducing the weaknesses to kick it out of your life.

A strong will power not only helps you being positive, but also helps you take control of your subconscious mind. Once you have enlightened your subconscious mind, consider yourself to be the most powerful person on this earth.

A balance between the power of your subconscious mind and the conscious mind is the primary key behind developing a successful strategy in anything and everything you ever do in your life.

Our body has the capability to dance on the signals transmitted by our mind, specifically unconscious mind. Hypnotism has been an old age scientifically proved and tested mind power technique for generating and transmitting the signals to all the parts of our body. The signals are so powerful that it could make the body behave exactly as the mind thinks and pushed it.

A hypnotherapist could help you with the powerful hypnotherapy, to enlighten your subconscious mind as well as help you maintain a balance between the conscious and subconscious mind. You can also get a training on self hypnosis to learn the skills behind controlling your body through modulating the signals send through the controlled subconscious mind.

Similarly, neuro-linguistic programming could help you program your body under the instructions of your brain. Mind power trainings and motivational talks based on the concept of NLP and self-hypnosis could be a great help for anyone desirous of a healthy body, a body that also carries an intelligent brain.

Time for Some Action

Think Gym Equipment alt

Only your thoughts and our talks aren’t going to do any good either to your brain or body. Actions taken, along with your successful planning and strategy can only help you achieve the desired results. Let us get into action now. We have developed a step by step process to guide you in the right direction.

Step 1: Setting Your Objectives

Think about your desires and needs before noting it down on a piece of paper. Be concise and clear about what you exactly want in your life. It could be the physical wellness of your body, a mental fitness for a sharp intelligent mind, an overall magnetically attractive personality and / or a happy fulfilling life. You need not restrict yourself only to select a few but get as many as you desire.

Step 2: Find the Right Advice

Look around for the right advice from the right people so that you get on the right track. An expert has always a better way out for the things that you may experiment and harm yourself. Talk to someone, ask for their expert advice, even if it available against some monetary payment.

After all, you are spending lot of money buying gym equipments, then why not also spend a little money towards learning the skills required to use gym equipments effectively.

Step 3: Maintain a Strict Discipline

Doing something casually without following a strict discipline gets no result. Stick to your routine and never deviate yourself even under difficult circumstances. In the beginning, you could be quite allured to pull your foot back after going through a little complexity, but keep going without pulling yourself back.

A strict disciplinary approach not only helps you keep your body under control, but also brings a peace of mind, while you try pulling the whips of your subconscious mind.

Step 4: Have Patience and Don’t Rush for Results

Always remember that good things do take time to mature in orderto gain positive results. Don’t expect some magic to happen overnight as it will take its own time. Just like you can’t eat a week’s food in a single diet, you must not expect a healthy body or fit brain by over exercising or putting lot of strain in a continuous series on your subconscious mind.

Expect the results to build up slowly with time and proceed your actions in the similar fashion.

Step 5: Feed your Body and Brain

Don’t start starving by cutting down on your diet, although eating healthy is always good. More you work, more is the need for energy required by the body. Moreover, it is not only applicable only on the body, but also covers the brain. Just like a healthy nutritious diet supplies the food to our body, healthy thoughts feeds our brain. Without a synchronisation between our body and brain, we could not reach anywhere and all the efforts are destined to be fruitless.

Step 6: Believe in Yourself

Last but not the least, you need to have a strong belief, trust and faith on yourself. No one can ever help you, unless and until you try to help yourself. You can buy all the gym equipments, make all the plans, gather best advices, but without putting the best of your own efforts and a belief in yourself, neither any objective is met nor any positive result achieved.

Remember that you are the only reason for writing your own success story and no one else. Leaving you alone, rest everyone could only be a facilitator to push you, but the actual efforts can only be applied individually.

Holistic Merger of Body and Brain

Gym equipment powers your body, strengthens your physical wellness. On the other hand, subconscious mind powers your brain, builds your mental fitness. It is only when both the aspects merge in each other, you can think and expect about getting a powerful and charming personality.

Just like only having a gas stove and all the ingredients of a recipe can’t make you a good chef, similarly only having the appropriate gym equipments and thoughts of getting a healthy personality isn’t going to get any results for you. A three dimensional holistic approach is needed to build a strong and powerful personality, that includes your body as well as brain.


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