How fast is your Website?

Let’s have a look at some of the jobs I have done

1) – Site is all about On Page SEO Tweaking

Yep SSL are all in place and running well as the site is hosted by

Report is looking great and the site is fast

Pingdom Website Speed Test

1.3) GTmetrix

YSlow Score could look better but it is all third party content


WoW report is looking great YSlow Score could look better but it is all third party content.


First View (Run 1) 3.188s (First time user will only have to wait about 3 sec for the site to load)
Repeat View (Run 9) 2.193s (When user gets back to the site they will wait for about 2sec)

So in short a great host is really helping out with the overall speed of the site

DNS GoDaddy

2) This site is a collection of all our photos and YouTube.

Now this site has to be slow as it is made up of all third party content images from instagram and video clips from YouTube, but i have a bunch of tricks and and these together, works well to help with site speed.

SSL is Running trough and SSL from so we have two serts in place to make sure it works 110% all the time

2.2) Pingdom

The power of great caching leads to great speeds

Pingdom Website Speed Test

2.3) GTmetrix

Now why is the PageSpeed score so bad well the site is made of images on the fly and there is really no way to fix this, yes but i can fix the images, but the site is updated every day and the images change every day so there is no way to tweak images that is made on the fly…


PageSpeed Score F (29%) (Ouch but that is life)
Total Page Size 3.57MB Huge page size but the site still load at 2sec.
My Rule of thumb is 1mb = 1sec load time so this site should have loaded at 4sec

The site is super fast, the report is not great, on some sites you will win, but not with the reports.

This report is really a stress test on the server as it is running the same report 9 times


First View (Run 9) 6.599s (Poor user has to wait 6 sec for the site to load)
Repeat View (Run 9) 1.896s (When the site is cached only 2sec)

So is it realy 6 sec that the user has to wait no as the site is cached most of the time.


3) Yep it is my own website all about speed

The site fast as it is running well with the help of and and there is even some google adsense on it.

SSL is looking great serts at and

3.2) Pingdom

WoW the real power of caching makes for a super fast website

Pingdom Website Speed Test

3.3) GTmetrix

Do we sometimes over believe reports, yep i love doing it but the score is B why not A well the site is to fast for the report. 🙂


Overall the report is not bad the site is fast and it is running a really old theme.


First View (Run 8) 2.194s (WoW only 2 sec for the site to load)
Repeat View (Run 7) 1.744s (When the site is cached 1.7s not bad)

So the server and is doing a great job of keeping the sites stable and fast.

DNS GoDaddy

4) Conclusion

Some site are fast and some are slow, some have great reports and some don’t so don’t always believe the reports, pull up your site, is it fast then your good to go, if not then you need me.

I hope this helps to give you an idea, you can not win with all websites but in most cases it will be faster – Mark de Scande

5) Costs

Most sites i run trough takes about 10 hours ($75 x 10 = $750) is it worth to spend $750 on a site to get it fast, well that is up to you.

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I am the fuel behind the high speed of innumerable fast running wordpress websites hosted either on a cheap server or a dedicated server.
Today, Speed is a matter of great concern, and I don't only optimize but re-energize. I am also a lifetime WPMU Dev member.

One of the largest free blogging websites BlogLines in South Africa is my baby. I not only conceived the idea of free blogging in South Africa, but also implemented it with an objective of adding a new dimension to the world of free blogging. Blogging helps us in enhancing the quality of our social life by transforming the ways in which we share our ideas and opinions with each other. South Africa blogging environment has never been so easy and user-friendly as it is today.

I have practised and learned all the technical aspects related to WordPress. In the past couple of years, I have developed a wide range of websites using WordPress, WordPress MU and now using the latest WordPress MultiSite.

I am the WordPress Speed Energizer Wiz, and I am always hunting around to find slow running websites. I know, these websites need me in order to live a long and healthy life.
Only the wordpress sites powered with speed, capable of running at full throttle are going to survive in this tough and competitive world of Internet.

Need my help but can not afford my hourly rate buy me coffee and i will do a full report on your website.

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