How Bad is CPU Throttling for Website Load Speed ?

What is CPU Throttling ?

How Bad is CPU Throttling for Website Load Speed ?CPU Throttling, also known as dynamic frequency scaling is a resource optimization method used to optimize the computer architecture for getting better performance. President of Bluehost, Matt Heaton researched and implemented a CPU Throttling system to automatically freeze CPU usage for shared hosting accounts that were using more than the allocated or justified CPU resource during a given period of time. The CPU Throttling system was officially declared in 2010 by none other than Matt Heaton. CPU Throttling system was also declared as Hosting Nirvana – The Future of Shared Hosting.

Why Shared Hosting Services are offered at Inexpensive Prices ?

Hostmonster and Bluehost are using the proprietary CPU Throttling system on all their shared hosting accounts, although other web host service providers also use similar systems to limit the power of shared hosting accounts. It is one of the reasons that shared hosting accounts are offered at such inexpensive prices. It might not matter a lot for small online businesses with a handful of visitors, but it could be suicidal for businesses which are thriving to attract visitors for improving their business, revenue and the profit.

Bluehost Justifies CPU Throttling as Good For Shared Hosting Plans

The reason behind CPU Throttling as given by Bluehost is because of some heavy database queries. It results in using lots of resources so the web host service providers decided to disable some resources used by sites for some time. CPU Throttling is a counter productive activity that further slows down a site. We believe CPU Throttling WAS Fair only till the point Google had not considered it as a part of their SEO algorithm, but the world of Internet and SEO is changing rapidly. Now the time has come when Bluehost need to develop a better solution for optimizing shared hosting accounts CPU usage.

How CPU Throttling can Impact Your Business Profitability ?

CPU Throttling to a Website is like applying brakes to the accelerating cars. (Whenever speed is needed the most.)

You might not even realize that your efforts behind increasing the web traffic on your site are counter attacked by CPU Throttling system. It slows down your site for surfers and becomes a reason for creating a seamless site experience. It is a well known fact that if your site fails to load within the first 3 seconds, the site visitors will close the site, never to return back ever again.

Today, site loading speed is an important factor evaluated by Google for SEO. You can better understand the dark effects behind CPU Throttling on your shared hosting account by not only considering its direct implications behind blocking the users, but also indirectly spoiling the SEO of your website.

How To Check CPU Throttling Status of My Shared Hosting Account ?

You can check the CPU Throttling status of your account by simply logging in in to your cPanel. You will find an icon “CPU Throttling” listed inside Statistics section.Check CPU Throttling Status of My Account

It will give you an overview about the time duration your account was throttled. You will see something like CPU Limiting Factors (Throttling) for the last 24 hours. Some site owners prefer shared hosting because of its low price, but most of them are completely unaware that the low priced shared hosting account comes at a cost. The cost is in the form of denying CPU time, when it might be needed the most.CPU Limiting Factors (Throttling)

Is Shared Hosting Plan Good For My Site ?

The cost incurred as a result of CPU Throttling may be suicidal for your website, so you must understand its implications before buying a shared hosting account, limited under the guidelines of CPU Throttling system. WP Engine without CPU ThrottlingIt is one of the primary reasons that we always recommend our clients to go with VPS, Dedicated, Cloud or WP Engine (dedicated to WordPress sites). No CPU Throttling, no speed pulling factors (at least not from the web host servers) and without any doubt, WP Engine is one of the best web host solutions available for hosting WordPress sites.

CPU Throttling limits the account of users. In simple words, you can understand it as a limiting factor that is automatically imposed by web host servers. CPU Throttling or some other similar system is at work in almost all the shared hosting plans because any time your site tries using more than the allocated resources, CPU Throttling would get active and restrict the access of resources.

Why Buy Shared Hosting, Even When CPU Throttling Limits It ?

Shared hosting is generally designed for sites having light load (better to say Display Sites with minimal web traffic), but if you have full fledged online business then CPU Throttling is not a good signal for the health of your site or for the health of your business. Shared hosting plans are best suited for beginners, better to say for experimenting your site and your business under low load. As soon as your business starts doing better, you must upgrade your hosting account to better plans so that your site runs at full speed, without experiencing any restriction imposed by the web host servers.

How Shared Hosting Plans can be Improved for Site Loading Speed ?

CloudFlare helps fight CPU ThrottlingFirst step would be to clean up your account by applying the best of your knowledge. DB is known as one of the major culprit behind activating CPU Throttling system by Bluehost. WP Optimize is a great plugin that can help you optimize your database from time to time. You can also use your host service DB repair feature to keep your databases in shape. Bluehost offers DB repair feature to help site owners optimize their databases in order to maintain low load from SQL Queries on web servers.

Check your SQL log files and optimize your database so that the server load can be minimized. You can improve the site loading speed up to a certain extent, but do remember that shared hosting accounts are always under the CPU Throttling radar or some other similar systems.

Use CloudFlare to Improve Site Loading Speed on Shared Hosting

If you are running your online business under a tight budget, and if you are not in a situation to afford expensive dedicated web host plans then you must try using CloudFlare services. Basic CloudFlare account is free and it can substantially improve your site load speed time. It is one of the best possible solutions to speed up your site hosted on inexpensive shared hosting plans and save your business from getting caught in the claws of CPU Throttling.

Running your website on shared hosting plan!

You have only two choices

1Clean your site, optimize databases, configure cache plugins and get CloudFlare. Let the site run the best it could under the limitations imposed by CPU Throttling on shared hosting accounts.

2Upgrade shared hosting to better web hosting plans such as VPS, dedicated, cloud or WordPress dedicated hosting such as WP Engine.

Forgot to mention, you have one more choice. Hire Mark de Scande’s Site Speed Optimization service.

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