Getting Your Hands Dirty with Google Page Speed Services

Google Page Speed Services !

Google Page Speed ServicesOnline world is experiencing a couple of dynamic changes due to the latest Penguin update from Google. Google being one of the preferred search engines across the world has developed a kind of monopoly in its search engine services and also getting their hands in site speed optimization by offering Google Page Speed Services.

Every site administrator and every site owner wants Google to fetch their web page against the relevant keywords but there is a wide gap between wants and the wants getting fulfilled. Innumerable speed optimization factors are working on the background of your website.

Need For Speed

Every SEO expert is busy building organic backlinks and optimizing the content to their best but the results aren’t turning in their favor. The reason behind the failure may be due to their ignorance towards optimizing the load time of web pages.

Yes, you heard it right. Google’s algorithms are now including the page load times and latency to rank a web page in their search result.

Google Page Speed Insights

In order to support their philosophy of faster page load times, Google has even launched a Google Page Speed Service feature.

It is still in beta version and open through invite only, although Google hasn’t declared their strategy about its pricing in future.

It also offers an option to let you Analyze your site online which could be used by anyone by simply typing the URL of their website. In a couple of seconds, the test results are displayed suggesting you a long list of changes needed to speed up your website load time.

It is easy to use but may be difficult to implement, especially if you are not a technical person.

Google Page Speed Service Test Results and Comparison

Now, lets get back to Google Page Speed Services. You can click here to sign up for Google Page Speed Service.

In order to get Google mod_pagespeed services up and running, you need to follow a couple of instructions to get the results.

First of all, install Mod_Pagespeed in WHM or cPanel of your website hosting service using easyapache.

  • You can click here for a detailed instructions on how to do it.
  • There is some further help available at this forum that can be used as a reference.

I took the help of SSH to install Mod Pagespeed on our Bloglines Server.

tar -C /var/cpanel/easy/apache/custom_opt_mods -xzf mod_pagespeed-cust-opts.tar.gz

Don’t get tired, we are almost done

After completing all the above mentioned processes, I rebuild the server with easyapache and selected the mod Pagespeed Option as the final step.

There is also a bug that I tried to sort out. While trying to update wordpress plugins, the update didn’t run all the way and halted in between, but when I turned ModPagespeed off, it worked perfectly.

Let me tell you, how to do it!

  • Edit your .htaccess file by adding the following line:

ModPagespeed off

  • After adding it, save the file and close it. Now, you can update all your plugins and themes.
  • After all the updates are done successfully, edit your .htaccess file once again and change the line as:

ModPagespeed on

Result: Google Page Speed Services perceived the load time of our server as 1s flat.

Life Beyond Google Page Speed

Now, let me explain that Google Page speed service is not the only option, there is CloudFlare although it is a mechanical option based on predefined algorithms to filter out the points not qualifying their fixed criterion. I would like to share my personal experience about the way I did it and there is no doubt that I did it better than Google Pagespeed services. It is hard to believe. Right!

Let me take you to the complete walk through about what I did and how I did it.

I used three different websites for analysing and getting the rest results.

The first website used was GTmetrix, second was WEBPAGETEST and third was Pingdom.

Now, let us look at the analysis part of our process done on our own website

Websites already using Google Pagespeed Services

Here are three of my pet projects that I have used Google Pages Speed Services on.

This is a website dedicated to all the music lovers. Music means media files and thus you can understand how important is it to decrease its page load time. Moreover, this website as well as the other two websites listed below are completely optimized by my own tweaks and skills.

A virtual student agency, also featured on CNN. The use of website is absolutely free for all the prospective students willing to study in Australia in order to pursue their career.

This is my own website, a freemium style website that offers free blogging experience to people all across South Africa. There is also a paid upgrade option to access more features of blogging.

In my next article I will show you how to speed up sites my way without CloudFlare and Google Page Speed Services.

Human Algorithms are Better than Machine Algorithms

You can see that Google Pagespeed Services aren’t the only way. Rather, it would be better to say that software is always software as it can only perform the tasks that has been programmed in it. Humans have always been better than machines because we as humans have a strong tendency to learn and develop our own programs as per the requirement.

Machines have never matched the intelligence of humans in past, neither they could ever in future. You need to have your own host who can understand your specific requirements and help you speed up your website that no machine or software can ever do.

If you would like to speed up your server then you can contact me at UpWork.


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I have practised and learned all the technical aspects related to WordPress. In the past couple of years, I have developed a wide range of websites using WordPress, WordPress MU and now using the latest WordPress MultiSite.

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