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    WordPress Speed Optimization Wiz - I don't just Optimize, but I Re-Energize Wordpress Sites.

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  • Android Speed Booster Png 1

    How fast is your Website?

    Some site are fast and some are slow, some have great reports and some don’t so don’t always believe the reports, pull up your site, is it fast then your good to go, if not then you need me.

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  • Wordpress Timeline Featured Image 1

    The WordPress Timeline by ON BLAST BLOG

    According to the WordPress website, over 409 million people view 16.3 billion pages each month on their platform. Read More Credit: On Blast Blog

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  • Aayj GTmetrix 007 1 1

    Speed Optimization Case Study –

    WP Speed Optimization Case Study We are back with another WordPress site speed optimization case study: How to be Awesome at Your Job. First and foremost, take a full backup of your WordPress site before hitting on any speed optimization task. It is important to …

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  • Net Neutrality

    Should Telecommunication Companies be Against Net Neutrality?

    Most of the telecoms going against the idea of Net Neutrality (Open Internet) talk about their high IT infrastructure cost eating up their profits.

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